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Gorilla Permits

Purchasing Gorilla Permits

When packing for Each visitor also needs a gorilla permit in order to go for gorilla trekking in any of the three national parks. These activities are also related and so expensive. These should also be arranged in advance which is the reason why many people buy permits through tour operators. For the high season of June to September and December to February, the gorilla permits need to be bought in advance since the guests can easily miss out due to the many travelers. These permits also need to be purchased five months in advance before traveling for better arrangements.

Price of a Gorilla Permit

The gorilla permits in Uganda currently cost $700 per person per day in all season of the year. Remember these prices change every single year and it is smart to inquire the current prices from your tour operator.

Buying online

About purchasing the permits online, direct bookings are made via email and these can be paid for by making transfers called the EEF, these also don’t allow the credit card payment. You can as well purchase the permits two years ahead of time. This can also be done through depositing 30% and paying the balance 91 days before tracking. The local tour operators are given first priority on bulk buying of the gorilla permits, this is 80% of the 2 years in advance, which can also be sold to the foreign visitors or the tour operators. These can be issued by Uganda Wildlife Authority via an authorized tour company that sells the permits for the original price and also issuing directly to you.

When to go for gorilla trekking

Gorilla tracking can be done at any time of the year, even though the paths are more difficult to pass through in the rainy season. The rainy season also includes March to April to May and October to November. The gorilla permit here is cheaper in Uganda costs $700. In the dry season, you can visit Rwanda and Uganda from mid-December to late February or June to late September in the dry seasons.

Where and How to get it

The gorilla permits can be bought in cash or with a traveler’s cheques at Uganda Wildlife Authority central offices in Kampala or from abroad. Obtaining a permit in Kampala is also limited most especially in the high season. This also means that advanced booking is highly recommended. And in the low season, the visitors can get the permits on spot at Uganda Wildlife Authority headquarters. This though has no guarantee for availability.

Gorilla Permits in Rwanda

The gorilla permits in Rwanda can be got through Tourism Board offices from either Kigali or Ruhengeri near the volcanoes National park. The visitors can all or email the offices directly, but it’s so tricky to get just the gorilla permit and not the whole tour package. A gorilla permit is Rwanda costs $1500 per person per day and many visitors get the permits through a tour operator. However, early booking is also advised and this must be 4 months in advance during the peak season of June to October.