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Gorilla Experience

The Gorilla trekking Experience

There is Magic in trekking Gorillas one the activities that has been categorized by travelers as the most exciting and memorable activity in the world. It involves adrenaline and grace at the same time the balance of this natural appreciative experience makes it every travelers wish. It’s just amazing and most interestingly it is not a Rocket science everyone can do it and we can make it happen.

Finding and getting to these mountain gorillas is not as easy as the people think, nor are the guests guaranteed to view them. This trek to finding the mountain gorillas will take you through very dense vegetation, on the narrow trails with the muddy and steep slopes. The search of these gentle giants depends on how far they went for their daily activity so the trekking might take a few hours since these primates move around in the thick undergrowth shifting deep into the forest at most of the times. Once these gorillas are found, they are enjoyed by the visitors since these are used to human presence. And every one will have an opportunity to see them at close range.

Trekking the mountain gorilla safari starts so early in the morning, and driving to the boundary of the park for the general formalities before proceeding to the ranger’s station. The tour cars are usually left behind at the ranger station and the walk will start. The trekking is usually done in a group of 8 individuals. The group strictly follows the instructions of the local ranger through farmlands and into the thick tropical vegetation of Bwindi forest national park.


You will start the trekking after the groupings and after the rangers have told you about the real family of the mountain gorillas you are to trek. This will also give you the history as well as sharing in depth the knowledge about the mountain gorillas. The game rangers also trek to the real site where the gorillas were seen the past night and then trace their own movement from there to locate them for the visitors. These gorillas are also monitored daily which helps in keeping track of their locale, safety as well as healthy. After spending 45 minutes to 8 hours of challenging search along the muddy tracks, you will then come face to face with a family group of mountain gorillas with in the forest. You will usually put your stuff down and also remain silent as you move in a little closer with your cameras to get an opportunity to view some of these beautiful primates.

Finding and getting to these mountain gorillas is not as easy as the people think, nor are the guests guaranteed This is the real time where the real magic happens as this intimate and unique gorilla expedition unfolds to the guests. You will then have an hour to view these gentle apes at a close range of up to 7 meters in their natural state as you take the photos of them. You will also get chance to watch these fantastic beautiful primates as the feed, groom, play, parent and also interacting with each other. The resemblance which is between the ways these primates behave and also relate with each other as well as their mannerism of the human beings leaves many of the trekkers wondering.

After spending I hour, the allowed time with the mountain gorillas, it’s now time to return to the trekking station of the rangers. Along the way to and from the gorillas, you can stop and have lunch that was packed as well as water. You will arrive at the station at the headquarters and then your guide will transfer you to your vehicle and make your way back to your booked accommodation.


Gorilla trekking varies and you never know what will happen on the ground. The real adventure might also vary depending on the local conditions like the weather, movement of the mountain gorillas, happenings and the politics. These also tend to be in different locations since these are also wild animals, which means that even though they are habituated to the humans, their behaviors are so unpredictable. These gorillas might also move into the bush while the visitors are viewing them and this is also beyond your ranger’s control since their movements are not restricted any human nor the government. The mountain gorillas carry out their daily activities uninterrupted, however with the young ones showing the curiosity about the many human visitors.