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Sealing our promises in Uganda

Embarking on our honeymoon journey, we dreamt of finding that special place, a destination that would envelop us in its allure. The possibilities seemed endless, scattered across the globe in a myriad of locations depicted in movies and TV advertisements. Yet, amidst the vast array of choices, our hearts settled on Africa, more specifically, Uganda. As we delved into our quest for the perfect honeymoon destination, we encountered various tour operators who offered diverse advice, attempting to entice us with destinations they were familiar with or had connections to. However, it was through one such interaction that we found a resounding “yes” and set in motion the start of our enchanting honeymoon adventure in Uganda. With our wedding behind us, we eagerly embarked on our journey.

On the 12th of June 2023, we landed at Entebbe International Airport, greeted warmly by our guides whose radiant smiles assured us that we had indeed arrived at the right place. We proceeded to our jeep, ready to embark on our exploration of Kibale National Park. Along the way, we made a delightful stop at the local markets, indulging in a late lunch in Fort Portal, where we savored the flavors of authentic Ugandan cuisine. The culinary experience left us astounded by the delectable taste. Our journey continued, leading us to our lodge, the magnificent and rustic Isunga Lodge, nestled amidst the forested fringes of Kibale National Park.

Kibale National Park, renowned for its remarkable features, awaited us the following morning. As we made our way to the park entrance, we were thrilled to spot numerous Olive baboons, igniting our anticipation for the encounters to come. Our primary objective was to observe the chimpanzees, and after receiving a comprehensive briefing from the wildlife authorities, we ventured into the forest. It was an extraordinary day as we witnessed the chimps swinging through the trees, foraging for their sustenance.

Although they remained aloft, their presence in the canopy bestowed upon us a spectacle beyond words. In recognition of our pursuit, we were presented with certificates, tokens that rendered our forest exploration truly worthwhile. Returning to our lodge, we relished a satisfying lunch before embarking on our journey to Queen Elizabeth National Park.

En route to Queen Elizabeth National Park, we were fortunate to make several stopovers, marveling at the scenic Crater Lake of Nyabikere, Lake Nyinambuga, and Lake Nkuruba. These picturesque lakes endowed the region with breathtaking beauty and serenity. To our astonishment, our guide even matched the 20,000 Uganda shilling bill to one of the lakes, creating an unforgettable moment. Continuing our voyage, we arrived at Ihamba, an exquisite lodge situated on the shores of Lake George. From this vantage point, we could witness the graceful presence of hippos as the evening unfolded. While being enlightened about the nocturnal activities of hippos, we were further graced by the presence of resident elephants during dinner, exceeding our expectations.

The third day beckoned us to embark on an African safari, commencing with an early awakening and a quick cup of coffee to invigorate our senses. Setting off for the park, our first encounter outside the lodge was a fleeting sighting of a young leopard dashing through the morning landscape. Upon entering the park and securing clearance, we embarked on our wildlife quest, encountering an abundance of Kobs, Warthogs, Buffalos, Elephants, waterbucks, and an array of avian wonders.

Our journey led us to the shores of Lake George within the park, where we enjoyed a sumptuous breakfast. At this juncture, we realized how privileged we were to have such remarkable guides, and to our delight, we were surprised with a bush breakfast, accompanied by the presence of gaping hippos. Following our exploration in this sector, we proceeded to another region of the park to embark on a boat cruise along the renowned Kazinga Channel. Before reaching the peninsula, we made a stop at the captivating creator lake known as Nyamunuka, which acquired its name due to its salty fragrance. Upon reaching the Mweya peninsula, we registered for our boat excursion, savoring a packed lunch at the Jetty landing site.

The channel revealed a plethora of animals, from majestic herds of elephants and clusters of hippos to an assortment of vibrant bird species and captivating crocodile sightings. Our boat adventure was filled with joy, culminating in our journey to the southern sector of the park, Ishasha. Here, we spent the night at Ishasha Jungle Lodge, where we were greeted warmly by the kind-hearted staff, enjoying a delightful dinner before retiring to our restful slumber.

The fourth day unveiled an early morning awakening once again, as we embarked on a morning game drive. The sunrise painted a breathtaking backdrop as we indulged in a specially arranged breakfast, savoring the beauty of Uganda’s morning. While our quest to witness the renowned tree-climbing lions proved unsuccessful, we found solace in the plethora of laughter and fun shared with our guides, humorously speculating that the lions were engaged in a general meeting. It is worth noting that this sector is in proximity to Congo, forming part of the expansive savanna known as the Virunga, on the other side of the border. The experience was fulfilling in every aspect, and we relished each moment it bestowed upon us.

Having concluded our intensive search, we embarked on our final destination, the awe-inspiring Bwindi Impenetrable Forest. This remarkable national park stands as the sole habitat for the highest number of mountain gorillas in the world, with half of the global population calling it home. Our stay in Buhoma, our designated sector within Bwindi, proved to be an extraordinary experience as we found respite in the hospitality of Ride for a Woman, an incredible lodge that supports local communities.

The fifth day of our Ugandan adventure emerged as the pinnacle of our journey. The long-awaited encounter with the gorillas had arrived. Arriving at the trekking center, we were greeted with vibrant cultural dances, captivating in both their energy and informational value. The particular gorilla family we were destined to visit was named HABINYANJA, a fact shared during the comprehensive briefing. Proceeding to the starting point, we embarked on our trek, accompanied by six fellow tourists, a head ranger, and two armed rangers.

On the sixth day, our departure from Uganda was imminent. We rose early in the morning, bidding farewell to the enchanting landscapes as we embarked on our journey to Entebbe. Along the way, we made several stops, reveling in the lively music within the car, cherishing the camaraderie with our guides. At the equator, we savored a delightful lunch at Flamingo restaurant, immersing ourselves in the flavors of local cuisine, which exceeded our expectations. Finally, we arrived in Entebbe, where we bid farewell to our guides, an emotional moment marking the end of our time in Uganda.

The memories we forged during our stay would forever hold a special place in our hearts. The people we encountered were truly wonderful, the cuisine left an indelible impression, and the experience of witnessing the gorillas firsthand was beyond words. It was a honeymoon we had always dreamed of, and in our newfound knowledge of Luganda and Runyankore, we express our heartfelt gratitude, proclaiming, “Webale nyo Uganda”  “Webare Munonga”.  You can also have a wonderful experience like us if you book today with Entugga Safaris . Book with promo code for discount JUNE:12 to get a discount on this very trip.