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For years, our family has made it a tradition to choose a summer destination, but this time, the destination chose us. After my mother returned from Uganda, it was evident that she had hit the bulls eye with her choice of a vacation spot. We couldn’t resist the allure of experiencing the same moments she had in this beautiful African country. Often referred to as the Pearl of Africa, that’s precisely what we wanted to discover. We are a happy family always on the lookout for adventures around the world, and it works for us because we cherish that special time spent together. While we live close to Madrid, a bustling metropolis brimming with city life, we cherish tranquility above all else. Our two kids love it too, and where we come from, almost everyone knows their neighbor.

We departed from Madrid in the morning and touched down in Entebbe on the morning of the next day. We were greeted by a young and smiling guide who spoke fluent Spanish, making us feel truly welcome in this lush paradise. He shared valuable information about the airport, and since we were tired from our journey, he promptly took us to our vehicle and advised us to rest. Despite our initial plan to start our adventure immediately, after exchanging our currency for Ugandan shillings, we were ready to go. Our guide also provided advice on the amount of currency we needed and local customs related to purchases and transactions.

Our detailed day to day

Day 1: We embarked on our journey to our first destination. We allowed our kids to sleep in during these early hours until we made our first stop at Luwero Road Market, where we had to awaken and experience our first encounter with the local market. It was astounding to witness the abundance of fresh fruits at the market, an array of food that exceeded our imagination. Our guide kindly purchased some local delicacies for us to sample, and we picked up a famous pineapple to enjoy later in our journey. Following our market visit, our next stop was at Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary, the only place in Uganda where one can see white rhinos. For us, it wasn’t just about the location but the unique experience of walking up close to witness these endangered giants alongside our children, an experience like no other. We spent the night at the renowned Masindi Lodge, steeped in centuries of history dating back to the first European encounters with Ugandan people. The lodge even features a special place where the writer Hemingway once stayed. Given this rich history, we felt it was the perfect place to stay. We spent the night there, and the next day marked the beginning of yet another exciting adventure.

Day 2: On this day, we rose early, had breakfast, and set off for Murchison Falls National Park. Upon entering the park, we were welcomed by olive baboons, quite conspicuous at the entrance. Continuing our day, our guide, Vianny, later took us to the top of the falls. Words can hardly describe the sheer power, awe-inspiring views, and thunderous sound of the falls. They captured our hearts, and we spent over an hour taking photographs, selfies, and most importantly, savoring the moment. We ventured deeper into the park, crossing the Nile to the opposite side, where we encountered animals like Jackson’s hartebeest and Uganda kob along the way. Finally, we reached our lodge for the night, with a slight drizzle of rain, but our eagerness to explore the swimming pool outweighed any hesitation. Our wish was granted when the rain subsided, and we had the pool all to ourselves. The day concluded with a candlelit dinner at Fort Murchison, and we must say it’s a wonderful place to stay due to its kind staff and excellent service.

Day 3: We began the day early and headed to the park’s gate. To be honest, we arrived a bit ahead of schedule, so we had to wait for 20 minutes until the gate was opened for daily activities. However, that was perfectly fine with us, as it meant we would be among the first to enter and experience the first action of the day. And indeed, we did. We started by spotting Uganda kob and later giraffes near the road. Not to forget, before the day fully unfolded, we captured a beautiful photograph of the sunrise with our guide—a special moment reserved for those who understand the timing. Our game drive was truly exceptional, and a specially prepared breakfast, courtesy of our guide, offered a delightful break. We marveled at the Pumbas up close, and the kids even took selfies with them, a unique treat for our family. On the other side, Lake Albert stretched out before us, and we relished the sight of hippos and other animals coming for a drink by the lake. Later in the day, we embarked on a boat cruise to witness the lower part of Murchison Falls. After once again witnessing the breathtaking falls, we returned to our lodge for the night.

Day 4: Very early in the morning, we set off for Kibale. Along the way, we passed by numerous gardens and observed everyday life as Ugandans lived it. Our first stop was in Hoima, where our guide wanted us to explore the market in a town setting. This proved to be a delightful experience, especially after witnessing the road markets. The market was well-organized, neat, and exceptionally clean. Here, we had the opportunity to observe the direct extraction of salt from Lake Albert, which was quite fascinating. After this stop, we continued our journey to Kibale, where we enjoyed lunch amid lush gardens, indulging in a buffet that featured local cuisine. Following our meal, we headed directly to our lodge located in Kelele, an organization in Uganda dedicated to caring for children and providing them with quality education. Our time spent here was delightful, including a captivating performance by the children, who treated us to local songs. It was an evening we will always cherish, and our children even engaged in a game of football with other kids residing at the Kelele center. Furthermore, we were treated to an official tour conducted by the organization’s owner, and we loved everything about this experience. We concluded our day with a sumptuous dinner near a crater lake called Muamba, with the moon casting its enchanting glow upon the water.

Day 5: On this day, we woke up even earlier than before. We headed to Queen Elizabeth National Park. We arrived early and commenced our morning game drive. Once again, we were greeted by a stunning sunrise, a moment we savored with our children. Following a full day of wildlife observation and enjoyment, we were taken to our lodge at Bush Lodge. This scenic lodge, situated along the Kazinga Channel, offered us unparalleled views of wildlife. At one point during the night, we even had a visit from an elephant.

Day 6: The following day, we embarked on our journey to the renowned Lake Mburo National Park. But before reaching our destination, our guide,

Vianny, gifted us with the sight of two crater lakes of remarkable beauty, setting the tone for the day. It was a lengthy journey, but the picturesque views along the way made it truly enjoyable. We had lunch at a charming, albeit small, establishment, where we indulged in yet another delightful buffet. Meanwhile, the kids delighted in a playground available in Mbarara. Despite being the smallest national park in Uganda, Lake Mburo National Park proved to be an ideal spot for a family safari. We arrived in the evening and proceeded to the park to witness a breathtaking sunset. We wrapped up our day at Hyena Hill, a splendid lodge located on the outskirts of the park, atop one of the hills, providing us with the most stunning vistas. As our safari neared its conclusion, there was a tinge of sadness in the air.

Day 7: On this day, we explored the park and marveled at the beauty of giraffes. Later, we made our way to the equator, where we enjoyed our lunch. Following our meal, we journeyed to our lodge in Entebbe. Our adventure in Uganda has been truly unforgettable. We have witnessed the beauty of nature, immersed ourselves in local culture, and experienced the warmth of the people. The landscapes, wildlife, and enriching encounters in this beautiful country have left an indelible mark on our hearts.

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