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They say life is an adventure and when we looked for an adventure as newlyweds me and my husband wanted a romantic adventure for our honey moon. He wanted to make everything special. So among the places that we thought that would give us this adventure Uganda came in the list but honestly it wasn’t in the first place but still we choose it. After we were set and after the wedding all things were set and we headed to Uganda. We met with our guides at Entebbe airport on the 6th /06/2023 night 3:00 am and as soon as we got out of the airport we had to head to our lodge.

The adventure was on this morning when they took us to the Forex bureau to change the money we were supposed to use during our six day stay in Uganda. Our guides explained to us the history of the city and the peninsula of Entebbe and we were headed to Kibale National Park. On our way to the city of fort portal we made several stops one of them was at the market were we saw a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables. Later we had a top to buy Grasshoppers a Ugandan delicacy which after a few minutes became our own too. 

After a long drive through the beautiful tea plantations of Kiko we reached Fort portal. This is where we were going to eat our launch. We couldn’t wait any longer; this was our time to taste the Ugandan local food that our guide had talked so much about. The food was a buffet set with over 15 types of local dishes and we went on to serve our selves and then enjoyed our food. The food did not disappoint at all, was tasty and so fresh.  We later continued from Fort Portal to our final destination Kibale National Park. Our host Lodge was Isunga and we couldn’t believe our eyes. This beautiful place offered the best forest views that no one can imagine the workers were amazing and treated us with a lot of kindness.

The second day was the big day for us, we were going to meet with man’s closest relative. The chimpanzees. We were driven by our super guides to the trekking point after which we were given a briefing about the dos and don’ts of this activity. After assigning us our rangers, were then grouped to head to the forest at the starting point to see these lovely creatures. After a while and a walk with our guides we came across these individuals and they were nothing less than we expected. They were all the surprise we wanted and the beauty of nature we hopes to see, we were told a lot of information about them and we saw them at a close range making it very wonderful experience.

After this experience we took a coffee at the café point just beside the trekking point and then we headed back to our lodge were we took lunch and them headed off to Queen Elizabeth National Park. During our journey to queen Elizabeth we were gifted to make stop overs to the scenic Crater Lake that bless this region with amazing beauty and tranquil. Our guides also took us to Kasese Town and after that stop we headed to our Lodge. This was located at the shores of Lake George. Ihamba lake side safari lodge is a beauty endowed by the closest view to the lake where hippos can be seen in the evening and in the night. In fact my husband Enrique was so anxious to see one out of water and our security guard at night just pointed the touch at several walking and grazing.

The third day was a say for an African safari which we started by waking up early taking a quick wake up coffee and we headed to the park entrance. We were cleared and we went straight to look for wild life. Our first animal was the Buffalo. We later saw a lot of Uganda Kobs ,Warthogs and at around 10:00 we were given by our guide a surprise of a bush breakfast.

Our biggest surprise was after the breakfast when all of the cars headed past us but our guides Vianny and Ousman kept their calm and kept our normal pace. We never knew that this was just a knowledgeable way to spot and clearly find the best for us. And in a few minutes they showed us the lions in a cactus tree also known as euphorbia.

We visited the salt lake Bunyampaka were our guide taught us about the salt mining and the history of the salt Crater Lake. We later went to another sector of the park to catch our boat cruise on the famous Kazinga Channel. The channel was filled with lots of animals from big schools of hippos to colorful birds and very good sightings of crocodiles we had fun on the boat and after this activity we headed to the southern sector of the park Ishasha where we had to spend the night at the Ishasha Jungle Lodge. Welcomed by the most kind people and staff we had our dinner and went to bed ready for the next morning’s game drive.

On this fourth day we woke up early as usual to go the morning game drive in the park where we were once again treated to special breakfast again this time with the sunrise of the beautifully Ugandan morning.

We continued to our game drive that led us to the two beautiful tree climbing lions hanging in the fig trees like sleeping queens. A moment in life this close to a lion that we had never experienced before we can honestly attest that we never wanted to leave but we had to go to pour final destination Bwindi impenetrable forest so we left these cats and went back to our lodge for hot lunch after which we were taken to the mountainous yet majestic Impenetrable forest of Bwindi.

One of the national parks where you can see the gorillas boosting the biggest number of mountain gorillas call home. Our destination home in Bwindi was Buhoma sector and we were hosted by a ladies organization known as ride for a woman a very amazing lodge that supports local communities.

This was our fifth day in Uganda and also our biggest day. This is the day all of us had anticipated so much. The day of the gorillas. After we reached at the trekking center we were treated to cultural dances which were energetic and informative at the same time. We were later briefed separately with other Spanish speaking travelers and this special briefing was organized by guides with the objective that we get more information without missing a thing.

The gorilla family that we were to visit that day was also announced in the briefing. After  we were told the do and the don’ts. We were driven to the starting point. Flagged off by our guides the group set out with six tourist, head ranger and two armed rangers.

On this sixth day we woke up very early in the morning and headed to Entebbe we made several stops and had so much fun listening to music in the car with our guides. We had lunch at the equator at Flamingo restaurant which offered a local cuisine that didn’t disappoint at all. We then rushed to Entebbe and at two friends we said bye to our guides. They had not only made our time in Uganda a memorable one but also showed us the beauty that this nation has and more importantly they had contributed to the story we will always tell to friends and family about our memorable honey moon in the pearl of Africa.